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This was my entry for my schools Art Expo, but I wasn't able to print it on time, so yeah. I'm putting it up on le interwebs :3
I'm sort of proud of the lighting
I'll probably fix it tho
This is sort of a redraw of an old drawing I did in November. (I'll do a side by side comparison. The old one is atrocious) We were learning about Hades and Persephone in Latin in November, so I drew Persephone. I might start doing commissions soon, so look out ;)
I feed off of the romance of my two friends and it makes me happy and lonely at the same time whoops :D
Seriously though, how do people not ship Alas/ PaperDream(is that the ship name? Idk)?
I am the captain of the Alas Protection Organization
If you ship it you are part of the organization
Send your fanart and fanfic please
(I'm so lonely) :')
•This is basically word for word from what I said in a journal of mine
• THIS!IS!A!JOKE!! We are friends (and lovers ;) wink wonk) and I made this to prove a point! Do not get your panties in a twist okay?
sugashx don't deny any of this bc it's all 100% true
1: She is SUPER pretty! Like, reallly pretty. (No homo tho lol)
2: She is adored by almost everyone at school and lots online
3: If anyone does anything wrong to her, talks bad about her, breaks her heart etc, that person is ANTAGONIZED by everyone else
4: Lots of bois have/have had a crush on her
5: She has depression, anxiety, and a terrible family. (Everyone knows Mary Sues aren't allowed to have happy lives)
6: She has lots of friends and a (super fucking adorable) love life. (Don't deny it or I'll get super salty)
7: She is OBLIVIOUS to the fact that she is a Mary Sue
8: She's SUPER TALENTED!!! Like please give me your talent child
9: If she has the tiniest of frowns on her face, EVERYONE goes over to ask what's wrong and to help her. (Don't even get me started on when she covers her face or starts crying)
10:  She has the two main "flaws" people give Mary Sues to "humanize" them, she's clumsy and she cares too much about others.
Seriously though, if she was an OC, I would rant on how Mary Sue-ish she is.
Again, don't get butthurt smol Sugashx fans. This is a joke lol


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ayo boi u a hoe i onno y u think errone want dat tiny mean coz ain't noone duz
~Captain of the A.P.O (Alas Protection Organization)~


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amazing art! keep up the great work!!
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tHANKS! I'm glad you think it's good!
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you deserve it!
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Very nice.You are an very good artist
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